Student Testimonials

Bianca  CEU EMBA alumna“The new modular Executive MBA format is what working professionals have always been looking for: the ability to get truly international mid-career education without sacrificing your career, passions and family”. 

Bianca Stefanovici, Zoppas Industries,Romania | CEU EMBA Alumna

"Being an expert of data is without doubt one of the most promising career paths I can imagine. On the other hand, mastering it can be really challenging, because you need to be very up-to-date in several disciplines. This is where CEU excels: we got a carefully selected mix of materials, amazingly prepared instructors and inspiring colleagues to acquire the data-driven mindset of the future."

László SallóDelivery Manager at EPAM Systems, Hungary | CEU MS Business Analytics Alumnus

Heribert CEU EMBA testimonial“Every aspect of the new CEU Executive MBA curriculum looks like it was designed with an ambitious, mid-career manager in mind. I particularly like how the program integrates quantitative skills in new important areas into a broader strategic story. This Executive MBA will definitely make you think and develop as a leader.“ 

Heribert Gangl, Erste Group, AustriaCEU EMBA Alumnus

came in really wanting to know about OSUN and to actualize project ideas coinciding with a semester spent in Nairobi and in Rwanda while working on refugee workshops for teachers. The course helped me process my on-the-ground learning experiences and introduced me to colleagues from other institutions asking similar questions. I very much enjoyed the course.” 

Stephen Mucher 
Director of Teacher Credentialing at UC Berkeley and Senior Education Advisor, Bard MAT
OSUN ExEd Hub's Course on 
Strategic and Inclusive Management of Higher Education Institutions Participant

"The program provides holistic and intensive training in finance. Students are equipped with skills and knowledge that offer a major competitive edge in today’s job market. CEU is also as much about diversity as it is about academic excellence. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with CEU, which has developed into a lifelong relationship."

 Takaomi Yoshimoto, Morgan Stanley | CEU MS Finance Alumnus

"Tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, this program offers a unique and challenging opportunity to understand data behind business decisions. It provides a great snapshot of how big data transforms the way business is conducted today, and demonstrates the latest concepts and state-of-the art tools to get into the forefront of big data-based data analytics. The courses strongly encourage collaborative work among classmates from various firms and government organizations, which results in broader knowledge sharing as well as excellent networking opportunities."

Andrea Barabás-Demeczky, Senior Business Analyst at UBS, Switzerland | CEU MS Business Analytics Alumna