OSUN ExEd Hub Launches Course on Strategic and Inclusive Management of Higher Education Institutions: Preparing University Leaders for the Challenges of the 21st Century

June 14, 2021

How can current administration, management and leadership practices in higher education be improved to foster equality, diversity and inclusion? What good practices exist and how can inter-institutional cooperations be fostered? 

On May 9, 2021, the newly established OSUN Executive Education Hub at Central European University launched an innovative and comprehensive program for university administrators to explore precisely how to tackle these issues. The ExEd Hub was founded and launched by the Open Society University Network and CEU in 2021, inspired by their open society mission. 

The Global Professional Development Program for University Administrators seeks to improve the management capacity and practices at universities in the OSUN network and beyond, while promoting OSUN values among the higher education administrators and institutions. The courses are designed for students and practitioners across multiple campuses to ensure educational opportunities regardless of geographical location.  

The professional development program for university administrators offers a total of four courses tailored for staff in managerial roles in OSUN member institutionsStrategic and Inclusive Management of Higher Education Institutions, Advancing the Frontiers of Knowledge: Building and Supporting Research Excellence at Universities (started June 2021), Managing Community Engagement of Universities (starts Fall 2021), Managing International Cooperation in a Global Classroom: Maximizing the Impact of Mobility Programs for Universities, Researchers and Students (starts Fall 2021). 

The first intensive course offered in this framework was led by Dr. Pusa Nastase and titled Strategic and Inclusive Management of Higher Education Institutions.  Throughout the course, the participants developed a critical understanding of advanced contemporary theories in higher education administration, access policies, diversity and the expansion of university mission and reflected on how these can be applied to their own contexts. 

Participants received a Certificate of Professional Development after successfully completing the course. At a later stage, the Certificate could be counted towards the comprehensive Certificate Program for University Administrators or (currently in planning stage), which aims to fill a gap in training opportunities for this professional group. 

The course received highest ratings from the participants, who commended the blend of lectures with internationally renowned guest speakers in each module, enriching each lesson with the learnings of experienced practitioners.  

Reflecting on his experience in the course, Stephen Mucher, Director of Teacher Credentialing at UC Berkeley and Senior Education Advisor, Bard MAT, stated that came in really wanting to know about OSUN and to actualize project ideas coinciding with a semester spent in Nairobi and in Rwanda while working on refugee workshops for teachers. The course helped me process my on-the-ground learning experiences and introduced me to colleagues from other institutions asking similar questions. I very much enjoyed the course.” 

Find out more about the course series here: Overview | ExEd Hub (ceu.edu) 

For further information, contact Pusa Nastase, the Global Professional Development Program Lead.