MS Business Analytics


In a data-rich world, firms manage data as a strategic asset to improve decision-making. Learn to analyze and act upon insights from data. Understand how data analytics can drive business value. Study full-time as a graduate or career changer or keep your career and study part-time.  

At a Glance

  • U.S. Master of Science degree 
  • 10 months • option to extend 
  • Full-time or part-time • option to change 
  • Study in Budapest • trips to Vienna 
  • 36 credits (72 ECTS credits) 
  • Tuition: EUR 15,000 
  • Application Deadlines for Entry in September 2021
    • May 1, 2021 if you seek financial aid or need a study visa
    • August 16, 2021 if you are non-visa

Create Business Value from Big Data 

In a data-rich world, businesses and public organizations are managing data as a strategic asset to improve decision-making. We offer you the full spectrum of skills and knowledge you need to create business value from big data and other sources of quantitative information.  
The program covers a unique mix of data analytics, computer science and business topics including programming, statistics with machine learning, big data and cloud computing, and data engineering. Complete your training with user case seminars, specialist courses on text mining, deep learning or agile project management, and a capstone consulting project with an industry partner.  

Analyze and Act on Insights from Data

  • Use statistical analysis to find patterns and evaluate past and future business interventions  
  • Write code, apply predictive analysis and models of causal analysis  
  • Collect and parse data, and translate it into actionable insights  
  • Get familiar with key tools, frameworks and platforms, and learn to implement processes in production  
  • Manage a data-driven business and create knowledge from big data and other sources of quantitative information  
  • Collaborate with software development specialists, quantitative analysts, and present your analysis in a clear and effective manner