Resilience in the Workplace

Our first "Building Resilience in the Workplace" workshop, held by the ExEd Hub Director Lydia Wazir-Staubmann, took place this week with more than 30 participants from CEU faculty and staff.


Our two-hour workshop aims at creating a working environment where people can thrive. Participants learn about the benefits of resilience and the negative consequences of stress and what they can do to help themselves and their teams by developing and sustaining positive mindsets. They come away with practical strategies for managing stress and harnessing their strengths in order to improve wellbeing, enhance their self-motivation and self-regulation and navigate their journey of change.

Our training courses are evidence-based, interactive, and hands-on, ensuring participants are equipped with skills that can be applied immediately. Our activities are designed to maximise learning and to encourage sharing of experience and practical application.


The training is part of a series of workshops that addresses various aspects of resilience such as composure, self-confidence, reasoning, tenacity, optimism, communication and self-efficacy.


Stay tuned for the next workshops open to the public in the fall!