The OSUN ExEd Hub Learning Experience

What can you expect when you're attending one of the executive or professional programs or non-degree courses that the OSUN Executive Education Hub at Central European University has to offer 

You will participate in dynamic lectures, discussions, and exercises led by our world-renowned faculty and guest speakers. In our organized social activities, you'll continue the conversation with your fellow participants in lively cultural events, over meals, and in other social settings in and around Vienna and Budapest. 

You will be part of CEU's global alumni network of more than 18.000 professionals in 149 countries, where you can establish professional and personal relationships 

Distinctive Approaches 

Our programs are directed at working professionals who seek to further develop their leadership and management skills as well as practice their strategic and critical thinking.  

Our market-based curricula demonstratthe perfect blend of theoretical education and interactive case-based instruction. Our distinguished guest speakers give you expert firsthand insights into the operation and practices of the world's top institutions, sharing advice and tips which can be immediately applied to your own business and organization. 

Discussion Groups 

To further enrich the educational experience, our students have the opportunity to engage with their peers in small discussion groups, simulation exercises, negotiations, coachings, and a hybrid format that combines both in-person and virtual learning.  This format provides you with the perfect opportunity to gain a better understanding of the case materials, test new ideas before class, and broaden your perspectives.  

A New Model of Higher Education 

The OSUN ExEd Hudynamically and effectively reacts to the changes of the world and the needs of its students. That is why we offer part-time programs in modular and blended format for driven professionals who can immerse themselves in self-development without sacrificing their professional schedule or personal commitments. Our integrated curricula are designed for students across multiple campuses to ensure educational opportunities regardless of geographical location. Our blended learning instruction provides educational access to underserved and remote communities. 

Intranetwork Mobility 

Students, faculty, and administrators can travel throughout the network to grow and maintain in-person relationships. Network courses are co-created by faculty across OSUN institutions and are taught simultaneously at two or more partner campuses. These courses expose students to diverse perspectives through a wide range of cross-network assignments, activities, and events, advancing students’ understanding of discipline-specific issues and global issues within a local and international context.