Central European University is an institution of advanced research and teaching dedicated to socially and morally responsible intellectual inquiry. The OSUN ExEd Hub builds upon CEU’s record of educating global leaders, academics, and practitioners in the humanities, social sciences and policy.  We cultivate an atmosphere of collective, cross-industry and multi-disciplinary insight, and life experience to stimulate change-making discussions. 

The OSUN ExEd Hub aspires to make quality professional and executive education accessible to the next generation of leaders and the underserved in society by enabling access to these programs by participants from underprivileged backgrounds.  We are dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve their career goals and make a lasting impact on their communities.    

We are proud to be a member of the following university networks

CIVICA – European University of Social Sciences

CIVICA network logo

Eight world-class institutions in the social sciences, humanities, economics and business from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom, including Central European University, have formed a new European University of Social Sciences, CIVICA. The CIVICA Alliance aims to serve European society; it will address current and emerging challenges, using existing and new means for and approaches to education, research and outreach in the social sciences and related areas. 


  • Actively assume political responsibility, as Europeans, towards future generations 
  • Raise the voice of the social sciences in the competitive world of higher education 
  • Take part in the grand collective plan to transform the world of research and higher education 


  • Flexible, sustainable and accountable governance structures 
  • A European campus 
  • A multi-campus bachelor's program 
  • Joint, blended master's modules 
  • common integratespacfoEuropean early-stage researchers 
  • Knowledge-creating teams to take on urgent societal challenges 
  • Civic outreach 
  • International outreach 
  • role model for higheeducatioinstitutions 

EUCEN – European University Continuing Education Network

EUCEN is a not for profit international association whose aim is to support member institutions to develop high-quality University Lifelong Learning (ULLL). 


  • Enable the exchange of experience and information between members on current lifelong learning regulations and policies and establish contacts with the relevant European bodies 
  • Provide contacts for members with lifelong learning policymakers and practitioners in a range of universities throughout Europe 
  • Seek to harmonise levels of quality for ULLL among members and to maintain standards for effective monitoring 
  • Contribute to the development of an effective university credit transfer system that would be acceptable within the network 
  • Seek to influence European policy on ULLL 


  • Enable members to serve most effectively the people of Europe, particularly in their own regions, through the provision of high-quality lifelong learning 
  • Influence the development of university lifelong learning policy throughout Europe 
  • Promote a European model of lifelong learning based on democracy, equal rights and social justice 
  • Contribute to a lifelong learning policy that takes into account economic and social needs 
  • Promote interaction in order to identify and mobilise resources within the Association network