Executive MBA


Master of Business Administration in Global Executive Management, or CEU Executive MBA distinguishes itself as the EMBA for the Open World – a rigorous, research-based mid-career managerial degree program that confidently integrates progressive Open-Society values into its curriculum, in view of their pivotal importance as success factors for entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in the post-industrial economy.  
CEU Executive MBA is the program tailor-made for accomplished working managers willing to elevate their professional profile from operational expertise to strategic leadership. The program’s innovative structure allows participants to earn a US-accredited MBA degree in just ten convenient 4-to-9-day residencies, scheduled over 28 months 
The Program advances CEU’s intellectual and institutional objectives by:  

  • Providing a new, promising avenue of promoting Open Society values in the business community, countering setbacks that these values have suffered in the political realm; 
  • Establishing a unique meeting platform of mid-career professionals from Europe and beyond; 
  • Leveraging professional expertise and a network of Executive MBA participants to enhance the career prospects of all CEU students;  
  • Supporting high-quality management research by providing CEU faculty with access to organizations, empirical data, and managerial practice.