How Executive Coaching Can Improve Work Performance

May 10, 2022

Coaching is probably one of the most individually tailored practices in personal and professional development as it involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and the person being coached. Meeting one-on-one with mid-level to senior managers or leaders within an organization, the executive coach provides a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer individual support. The coach also helps the coachee understand their current competencies, see how they’re perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals. 

The benefits of Executive Coaching include:  

  • Enhancing performance and increased productivity  
  • Improving morale  
  • Reducing turnover  
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence  
  • Leveraging of talents  
  • Building new skill sets  
  • Increasing likelihood that goals will be reached 

Our executive coaching engagement typically follows these steps:  

  • Intake and assessment
  • Goal setting  
  • Ongoing coaching and skill development  
  • Measurement of results  

Our sessions typically last 60 minutes, are held virtually (using our booking tool) or now also in person in room B304, and can be booked as single sessions or as a package. For best results, a minimum of 3 sessions over a period of 2-3 months is recommended.

For more information, please contact Dr Lydia Wazir, Director of the ExEd Hub, at